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Genting Highlands, Malaysia!

After we spent three amazing days in Singapore, it was time for Malaysia. We proceeded to Malaysia by bus from Singapore. It takes approximately 1 and a half to reach Johor which is in Malaysia. Before reaching Johor, we have to get down at the boarder of two countries, for the immigration, security check and board the bus back again.
 Our first stop in Malaysia was Genting Highlands. It takes another 4 and a half hour to reach Genting highlands from Johor. We had to drop our bus and take Asia's longest and fastest Cable car to Genting Highlands. It was quite an experience though! On your way to Genting highlands by Cable car, you will see thick forest below your feet. It is fun to watch those lush green Malayan forests, see a variety of tall trees and monkeys jumping over, from one tree to another! 
As we were travelling further and at higher altitude, everything below and around us started covering up with fog! There was a point where we could not even see where we are headed or w…
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Favorites of the month February 2017

It’s been a while I have posted on my blog or should I rather say, it’s been “quite” a while since I have posted anything on my blog. My Bad! After going through some crazy renovations at my place and getting everything in order again, I am back here to post my ‘Favorites of the Month!!’ If you are visiting this page for the first time, let me tell you, Favorites of the month is a section on my blog, where I post some useful things I have come across throughout the month, which my fellow humans can use in their life. It could be a song, an app, a book, a person and literally anything that made my life easy or made me happy. Since my goal is to share useful things on my blog, I started this section. So let’s get started!
Favorite Song: Middle of my mind by Tom Rosenthal
My friend suggested this song to me last month. Usually, I am someone who goes with the beats, but Tom Rosenthal’s voice brings a lot of peace to my mind.  I hear this song while I am travelling back home from work or at …

Singapore! My Travel Story

Hello lovelies, wish you a very happy new year! Hope you all had a blast celebrating Christmas and New Year! with this new year, I have something new on my blog! Yes, this is my first ever travel post and I am super super nervous while writing this. In November 2016, I and my mom traveled three countries in South East Asia and here is my experience in Singapore! If you have any plans to travel there, this will be helpful! So, let’s get started!

Day 1Singapore is two and a half hours ahead of India and it takes approximately six hours to reach, from Mumbai. We landed on Changi airport, Singapore. After checking in the hotel we went on a city tour. First we took the Singapore river ride where we saw all beautifully built skyscrapers at the edge of the river. All buildings are commercial once, also it is said that, higher is the skyscraper the wealthier is the owner. 
We also got to see the famous Merlion statue, which happens to be the identity of Singapore. The city was named after the n…

Favorites of the month November 2016

Hello Readers! Wish you a Happy December! It's time for the favorites of the month, yey! I had decided to post my monthly favorites since January 2016. Monthly favorites are those small things I get to know throughout the month and I love to share with all my friends!! There are Favorite food, music, books, videos, songs, quotes, websites and even people! Hope you enjoy and get benefited. :)So lets get started!

Favorite video :Monday morning motivation

Yes! many of us hate going to work on a Monday, so it's time to stop complaining and being thankful to have a job that feeds you! Make sure to check out the video and change your thinking and thereby your life on every Monday morning. 
Favorite plants: Succulents

I saw succulents on the internet and I fell in love with them. I saw them in videos on YouTube, in photographs on Instagram and I saw them in different shapes, forms and colors! they are so impressive! I had to get one for myself! When I actually found them at HyperCity, I …


Hello lovely people! I hope you all are doing wonderful! I am just back from my vacation and I feel so energized! And with this energy I want to share something that worked as a life changer for me! Yes, that is FIVE MINUTE JOURNAL.

Before I dive into praising this journal, I want to thank UJ Ramdas and Alex Ikonn for creating such an amazing product and making our lives better. You can check out what these amazing people think, at following links.
I came to know about the journal through Alex’s YouTube Channel and I felt the need to have one in my life, so I ordered it in the year of 2014.  I am going to leave it to the creator to explain about the journal. You can check that out HERE in a video form. Instead of telling you how this journal works and what’s in it exactly, I am going to share how use of this journal changed my perspective towards life. Before that, I would love if you see the video I have linked above.
After watching the video, you can flip through the journal and buy it…